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Lombok Pottery Centre (LPC) was established as an arm length of arrangement between the Department of Trade and Industry of the Republic Indonesia and the Ministry of Foreign and Trade of New Zealand, for cooperation on Lombok Crafts Project-Indonesia. This project aims to increase the living standards of women potters by introducing their handmade pottery to the world market.

We have been working on this project since 1988, and as per today we have more than 300 potters with us working hand in hand. The ultimate goal is to create a self sustainable environment for the potters and the community. Beside concentrating in marketing, we also deals with literacy, health, education and scholarship, pottery technical training income management and other community services. We have been exporting our product for more than 10 years to Asia, USA, Europe, Australia and also Africa,Italia with various customers from mainstream and alternative trading organizations.

Our pottery is the finest export quality in Lombok, produced with care and tight quality control. Since 1998, we have been complying with ISO 9002 and safety purpose. We have more than 600 designs ranging from traditional and modern. Classified in five major categories, interior, exterior, table ware, kitchen ware and bathroom accessories. We also ready to work together with you to develop your own designs for your market. As trends are changing fast, we have a design update regularly and it would be great if we could keep introducing you to our development. Should this interest you please kindly contact us for further information or your feed back and input, which is enabling us to tailor our product closer to your market requirements