Lombok Pottery Centre

Lombok Pottery Centre (LPC) was establish as an arm length of arrangement between the Department of Trade and Industry of the Republic Indonesia and the Ministry of Foreign and Trade of New Zealand, for cooperation on Lombok Craft Project Indonesia.

This Project aims to increase the living standards of women potters by introducing their handmade pottery to the world market, through technical marketing, community development programs such as literacy, clean water, education, sanitation, health and scholarship.


Becamse a profesional company which promote traditional handicraft in International with adherance to fair Trade principles thus allowing a better and higher income and welfare for the producers and the village community.


1. To run a professionally managed exporting company through adherance to Fair Trade Principles.

2. Increasing traditional local handicraft as a characteristic cultural become a product quality for export market.

3. Innovation in all market aspect in order to suply traditional local handicrafts.

4. Increasing the benefit of the economically disadvantaged women village producer who could compete with international market.

5. Defend the company shareholder to the company potters and staff.

6. Addressing all environmental issues in its supply chain


Gallery Lombok Pottery Centre