Full Shareholders to The Women Potters

Kamis, 2018-06-14

Since November 28, 2005, Lombok Pottery Centre Project activities entered its final stage than were transformed into a limited liability company (PT. Lombok Putri cenderamata). The company have responsibility to continue of the business, social aspects, the marketing arm of the pottery industry and the incorporation of 4 cooperatives as the shareholder of the company.

Now the company is owned by 3 village women potters cooperatives and 1 staff cooperative. The village women potters are concurrently acting as a producers to the company as well as to the other parties.

The annual shareholder meeting is the highest instance within the organization, deciding upon the business performance of the company, appointment of the company's Boeard of Directors and the Supervisory Board, as the responsible organs in running the day to day operations.