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Vast ricefields surround the village of Banyumulek which is about 10 kilometers to the South of Lombok's capital city of Mataram. Here, the potters produce an incredible variety of earthenware traditionally used for many purposes, including preparation and serving of food and ceremonies connected with village life.

In this village, some materials such as coins, grass and rattan can be put on the pot as accessories as requested. The same as with Masbagik, Banyumulek pots are embellished by burnished decoration, in which the copntrast between burnished and un-burnished areas can be exploited to create pattern.

Masbagik Timur:
The village of Masbagik Timur, situated in the sub-district of Masbagik in East Lombok, is the most isolated of the three villages. Here, the earthenware designs are characterized by the use of geometrical burnished decoration on simple forms.

The bone inlay decoration is originally launched from this village. The skill of potters are spread evenly and make it easier to apply new design of pot.

The village of Penujak, in the sub-district of West Praya in Central Lombok, is less than an hour by car from Mataram. The village is on the main road between Praya, the capital of Central Lombok and Kuta, a tourist resort on the South coast. In Penujak, the potters are using simple kilns to fire their pottery which often has carved designs or applied decoration such as Lizards and frogs.

The thickness of pots from this area is usually more than others, thus why the pots looks stronger and heavier. Generally during the preparing of clay, in Penujak the clay is not soaked in the water to get flour of clay (very fine clay) as other villages, but pounded before mixed it with sand and water.